Çıldır Lake Tour

Çıldır Gölü Nerede

Kars, with its historical texture, climate and geographical beauties, and cultural richness, is one of the popular routes in our country, especially for winter holidays in recent years.

The number of people who grab a wagon from Doğu Ekspresi pass through unique landscapes all the way along the train journey, and come to Kars on vacation has been increasing each year. We say to our many local and foreign guests, whatever the season, do not leave Kars without seeing Çıldır Lake.

Çıldır Lake, with its magnificent nature, fascinates those who sees it throughout the year. Especially if the season is winter, the lake is one of the most fascinating places in the region, with its white and vast landscape covered with an ice of up to 80 centimeters thick. We can say that walking on Çıldır, which is completely frozen, will be an unforgettable place among your holiday memories as a very special experience where you can find adrenaline and calmness together.

Çıldır Lake Formation

Çıldır is the second largest lake in Eastern Anatolia after Van Lake. It was formed in the third geological period and is quite high above sea level because it is located on the young land. Çıldır Lake, which spreads over a very large area of ​​123 square kilometers, is a volcanic, natural dam lake and it is fresh water.

Activities To Do In Çıldır Lake

It is possible to visit the lake in spring and summer, to watch the lake view among the lush green plateaus in the spring, to eat the famous yellow carp and to take great photos. But you can make the most of Çıldır Lake in winter because the lake freezes in December, the thickness of the ice gradually increases as the winter progresses, and you can enjoy wonderful activities at Çıldır Lake.

1) Trekking in the Iceland

Walking on the frozen surface of a 123 square kilometer wide lake with a depth of 42 meters is like walking on water. The adrenaline you experience while taking your first steps turns into a feeling of eternal freedom as you walk on the lake that meets the horizon line.

2) Sledding

With traditional and modern sleds, sleighing in the vast whiteness of the completely icy lake can be at the top of the to-do list in Çıldır. Sleigh or snowmobile, the choice is up to you …

3) Ice Fishing

With the encouragement of the fish restaurants around the lake, ice fishing is an exciting and special experience that is enjoyed by activity lovers. If you have a sporty, curious, exploratory spirit, you will definitely enjoy eating the fish you have caught after this tough hunt. The famous Yellow Carp of Çıldır Lake is a very fatty and delicious freshwater fish since it lives in icy waters.

4) You Can Capture Gorgeous Frames

If you are one of the travelers with a passion for photography, be aware that Çıldır Lake can present you magnificent frames. A huge yellow carp can be reflected in your lens as it launches out from the lake under the ice, and you can photograph the lake view that resembles a land of snow. The colorful traditional image of the sleigh looks magnificent in this white world, you can capture the maneuvers of a snowmobile on ice in a magnificent frame.

5) Çıldır Lake Festival – You Can Participate In Lovers’ Festival

Neighboring countries in the region also participate in the Çıldır Lake Festival held in February every year. The Lovers’ Festival, in which participants from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan actively participate, is one of the most colorful effects of the festival. The multicultural identity of Kars, its position on the brink of Anatolia and the Caucasus, hosts such a colorful festival. If you wish, you can plan your travel according to the festival calendar, and you can combine winter tourism and cultural tour concept.

Frequently Asked Questions About Çıldır Lake

1. When to go to Çıldır Lake?
It is possible to visit Çıldır in all seasons and you can be sure that you will have a very pleasant time in summer and spring. We can say that Çıldır Lake season begins with the freezing of the lake in December. The best activities such as: ice walking, fishing, sledding or snowmobiling are done in Çıldır Lake in winter.
2. Where is Çıldır Lake?
Çıldır Lake is located within the borders of Kars and Ardahan in the Eastern Anatolia region of our country.
3. How to get to Çıldır Lake?
You can reach Çıldır Lake by minibuses departing from Kars bus station. Since it is not very close to the center of Kars, the general preference is to rent a car.