In our hotel, the day starts with our rich open buffet breakfast service. Local flavors unique to Kars cuisine are carefully prepared for our guests in the kitchen of Işıl Park Hotel. Kars breakfast is among the most delicious and enjoyable breakfasts of Eastern Anatolia, with its cheese, honey, cream and delicious bread and donuts.

The diversity of our region’s milk and dairy products is reflected in our breakfast tables. You can taste all kinds of local cheeses such as Gruyere indigenous to Kars, Stranded Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Knitted Cheese and Fresh Cheddar Cheese at our hotel’s open buffet breakfast. Cream and butter are indispensable for our breakfast service together with Kars Honey, another important value of Kars.

Kars Ketesi is an important part of the regional cuisine and food culture and has a special place for the people of Kars. It is a delicious bread that will make you forget all the kettles you know and makes breakfast unforgettable. Other regional pastries such as Kars Katmeri, Feselli, Nezik, are added to our breakfasts according to the menu of the day.

Apart from local flavors, we offer a very nutritious breakfast menu with olives, eggs, jams and marmalades, seasonal greens, cold vegetables and fruits, which are part of the classic Turkish breakfast. Cereal varieties for breakfast are available as an alternative for children and guests who prefer to eat light food.

For our guests staying as a group with the tour, dinner service can be prepared depending on the content of the tour package.