With its deep-rooted history, rich cultural heritage and magnificent nature, Kars will have a special place among your travel memories. With different holiday concepts for each of the four seasons, one holiday may not be enough to experience all the places to visit and activities to do in Kars.

Those who visit Kars in summer leave Kars saying “we should come here in winter” because it is the right time to be in Kars when Çıldır Lake freezes and crystal snow falls on Sarıkamış.

Thousands of years of Ani Ruins and the Kars Castle under the snow conquers the hearts of visitors with magnificent, many people think in their heads “who knows how beautiful these places are in spring” and just like in the story of Kars castle, a visitor to Kars will definitely come back again.

The Ski resort; Sledding, snowmobile adventures and seasonal fishing in Çıldır Lake throughout the winter; festivals; lush plateaus; Kars Castle, Kumbet Mosque and Ani Ancient City, which have a distinct beauty under the snow, offer completely different beauties in all four seasons of the year, and with all its warmth and hospitality, Kars is waiting for its guests who are on the road to discover its beauty.

Kars Mutfağı Lezzetleri

Gourmet Flavors of Kars Cuisine

Kars has one of the most original and delicious cuisines of Eastern Anatolia, which should be included in the gourmet routes with its local dishes besides the world-famous Kars Gravyer and honey. If the most amazing aspect of traveling, other than seeing new places, is to try new flavors, local dishes and different tastes for […]

Kümbet Camii Tarihi

Kumbet Mosque

Kumbet Mosque, formerly known as the 12 Apostles Church, is one of the important architectural works that has become the world-famous symbol of Kars in tourism. The church, which began being built by the Armenian King Abas in 932 AD, took about five years to complete. If you go to Kaleiçi District to visit this […]

Ani Harabeleri Nerede

Ani Ruins

Ani Ruins, which is located on the historical Silk Road has made Kars the center of attraction for cultural tourism, and the remains from the once rich and magnificent city Ani, were included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1996. The Ancient City of Ani, where Armenian, Georgian, Seljuk and Byzantine cultures meet […]

Kars Doğası

Natural Beauties of Kars

Kars in north-eastern border of Turkey, its geographical location and climate with tremendous natural beauty as well as the homeland of having the highest occurring volcanic plateau is based on -Erz I Kars Plateau. When it comes to Kars, it is especially worth noting that we are talking about an almost untouched natural beauty. Kars is […]

Çıldır Gölü Nerede

Çıldır Lake Tour

Kars, with its historical texture, climate and geographical beauties, and cultural richness, is one of the popular routes in our country, especially for winter holidays in recent years. The number of people who grab a wagon from Doğu Ekspresi pass through unique landscapes all the way along the train journey, and come to Kars on […]

Sarıkamış Kayak Merkezi Tatili

Sarıkamış Ski Center

The Sarıkamış Ski Center, built on Çamurlu Mountain in Sarıkamış district of Kars, is 4 kilometers from Sarıkamış. Crystal Snow, the most valuable type of snow for skiing, falls on Sarıkamış and on the Alps, which is the most popular ski resort in the world. Surrounded by yellow pine forests, Sarıkamış Ski Center, has two […]